-Tucson Beautiful-

Tucson Beautiful is a local organization dedicated to the upliftment and beautification of Tucson, primarily by way of picking up trash, and also by way of planting greenery, painting houses, and putting up artwork. We believe that there is hidden power in cleanliness and beauty to inspire and foster positivity, and that by helping to clean and beautify our communities, we will be making them safer and happier; for indeed, filth is a close companion of wickedness and crime, whereas cleanliness goes hand-in-hand with goodness and righteousness..

And even beyond cleaning, beautifying, and fostering inspiration and positivity, the aim of Tucson Beautiful is to engage members of the community, especially the youth, and get them involved in acts of goodness. There is nothing more important than getting people engaged in acts goodness and things that beautify the soul, for the state of the world, or that of any community, shall always reflect the state of the men and women living therein; if the men and women of a given community have great goodness and beauty within them, their community shall manifest goodness and beauty, and if it be the case that there is great wickedness and ugliness within the men and women of a community, such shall be reflected in the community they call home..

Most unfortunately, we have found some of our streets here in Tucson to be riddled with filth; cigarette butts everywhere, beer cans and glass bottles strewn all over the place, and even used needles lying around (on top of the random trash already lining the streets).. Most fortunately, this does not have to be the case, and it is well within our power to change this. If we can change our habits and stop littering, and if we can commit ourselves to cleanliness and responsible living, we can help maximize the potential of this city and create the best living conditions possible for us all!!



Human Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing is Our Business!!

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