-The Spiritual Revolution-

The Spiritual Revolution is a nonviolent, nonpolitical revolution; it is a revolution of values and priorities, it is a revolution in how we approach the art of coexisting with one another in this new global, interconnected world. It is a transition away from a world rife with competition and conflict, to one nourished with cooperation and harmony; a transition away from a world in which material wealth and the vainglorious is prioritized, to one in which human health, happiness, and wellbeing is prioritized. The potential of the human being is virtually unlimited, and thus, so it is so for mankind as one body. A human being, being comprised of a mind, body, and spirit, cannot reach his or her full potential if any of these three components are neglected or inadequately nourished, and in this world of plentiful brilliant minds and awe-inspiring talents, we as one body have failed to adequately cultivate our spirits. If we were to do so, if we were to fill our spirits with love, compassion, and gratitude, and consistently practice The 33 Deeds of the Spiritual Revolution, we will bring into being a glorious and magnificent new world overflowing in Liberty, Justice, Peace, and Prosperity, and indeed, men and women by the multitudes will make manifest for all eyes the tremendous goodness and beauty inherently latent within the human soul, and mankind as a whole will make manifest the Global Utopian Kingdom..


Beyond any doubt, The Spiritual Revolution is the answer to all of our social, economic, and political problems; no longer must we look afar for answers, no longer need we wait for saviors. Not many among us can sincerely say that we are proud of the world we live in, nor can many of us genuinely claim to appreciate our world in its current state, but this much is true and clear: for better or for worse, the world, at any given moment, can be said to be the most complete and accurate reflection of humanity as a whole, of who we truly are as a collective. Indeed, we as human beings, having dominion over the plant and animal kingdoms, with our collective decisions, make the world what it is. As so, the only way to bring into being a better and more beautiful world, is by us becoming better and more beautiful human beings, and therefor, the best way to transform the world, is by way of the transformation of individual men and women; the revolution must begin at the individual level, and it must begin in the heart, within our inner worlds. The embrace of the message of an internal revolution by the masses as well as the practicing of The 33 Deeds of the Spiritual Revolution will at last yield for us the world we wish to see, We promise. But alas, this is the hard part: the world is filled with distraction and temptation, it is much easier to be selfish than selfless, and to love ourselves and our brothers and sisters despite the flaws and shortcomings we have as human beings can be incredibly challenging.. Indeed, the path of the spiritual revolutionary is difficult, but, however, is there any path more worthwhile?? Is there any path we could travel that would be more fulfilling or fruitful?? Then let us endeavor together, Brothers and Sisters, to be the best and most beautiful human beings we can be, that we may at last bear witness to the best and most beautiful world humanly possible!!

Human Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing is Our Business!!

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