-The 33 Deeds of the Spiritual Revolution-

​1. Being Happy & Positive
2. Spreading Happiness & Positivity
3. Eating Healthy and Keeping the Body Pure & Lively
4. Exercising Regularly and Keeping the Body Strong & Limber
5. Exposing the Mind to Truths & Wisdoms & Useful Knowledge
6. Shielding the Mind from Nonsense, Wickedness, & Futility
7. Practicing Virtue and Improving & Bettering the Self
8. Refraining from Vice and Resisting Unbecoming Temptations
9. Observing Ethical Commandments & Moral Precepts
10. Honoring Duty to & Worshiping The Creator
11. Striving to Please Parents & Grandparents
12. Bringing Joy to the Lives of Children & Instilling Good Values in them
13. Paying Respect to the Elderly & Being of Assistance to them
14. Serving & Helping to Uplift the Community
15. Treating others as Ends in themselves & not Mere Means for One's Own Goals
16. Dealing with others Using a Win-Win Mentality
17. Forming Bonds, Making Friends, and Building Community
18. Greeting Neighbors & Strangers and Offering Warmth to them
19. Connecting with & Collaborating with those Seeking to Better the World
20. Being a Peacemaker & a Uniter
21. Being Strong & Brave in the Midst of Challenges & Adversity
22. Being Merciful & Forgiving to One's Self & others
23. Accepting others for who they are & Permitting them the Space to Express the Unique Goodness & Beauty within their Soul
24. Planting and Growing Fruit Trees, Crops, & other Vegetation
25. Empathizing with & Feeding the Hungry
26. Minimizing Food Waste, Water Usage, and Usage of Electricity
27. Buying Eco-Friendly Products and Supporting Eco-Friendly Businesses
28. Supporting Food Producers who Raise and Farm Animals in a Humane Way
29. Donating to and Volunteering with Charities and Nonprofits
30. Spending Money Locally and at Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
31. Supporting Businesses with High Ethical Standards and who Treat their Employees Well
32. Being Welcoming and Tolerant of Foreigners, Religious & Ethnic Minorities, and those who are Different
33. Transcending Loyalty to Country & Political Party, and Prioritizing the Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing of all Human Beings