-On Ending Hunger-

Hunger robs of strength, hunger robs of hope, mankind will never reach its full potential whilst men, women, and children contend with empty stomachs.. Hunger breeds enmity and ill-will, hunger breeds despair and desperation, hunger is a powerful enemy of peace and stability.. Having a solemn moral obligation to our brothers and sisters, we cannot ignore their hunger pangs without harming our own souls. Having dreams for a beautiful and harmonious new world overflowing in Liberty, Justice, Peace, and Prosperity, we cannot behold the glory of the Promised Land until all are allowed to partake of Mother Earth's bounty..


Wealthy and mighty this country is, no one who is willing to contribute to society, or who is yet to reach the age of maturity, or who is elderly, disabled, or mentally challenged, should be food insecure. We can end hunger, even today, and if We make it to Congress, we will do our best to do so, without passing new legislation, without raising taxes or instituting new social programs, for Our People are generous, merciful, and strong, and their good will shall suffice to carry us over the finish line.