-Our Platform-

​​I am running for Congress as an Independent Candidate that We may lead a Spiritual Revolution and at last behold a Day in which the majority of Mankind opts for Cooperation and not Competition, one in which Institutions and Corporations treat Human Beings as Ends in and of Themselves and not mere Means, a Day in which the Earth is overflowing with Liberty, Justice, Peace, and Prosperity. I bring with me no agenda regarding the scope and size of Government, Tax-Policy, and the like, but rather, I intend to use the Voice and Platform afforded to me by being a Member of Congress to teach of Virtue, Kindness, Respect, Mercy, and Compassion. Moreover, I will use the Power and Influence afforded me to organize and mobilize Good People throughout The Nation and give them Good Things to do. Thus shall be my Approach for two reasons: for one, I believe that Selfishness and Lack of Virtue is the Root Cause of the overwhelming majority of the problems facing Mankind and that if We can Collectively behave less selfishly and more virtuously, The World will Transform into a drastically more Peaceful and Prosperous place; and two, I believe that right now -and at any given moment- there are more than enough Good People who, with Pride and Honor, will sacrifice their Time, Energy, and Resources to do The Great Work of Uplifting Communities and Bettering the World, thus reducing the need for Congress and the Federal Government to take direct action.


I am one with little interest in fighting with Democrats and Republicans, little is my Appetite for Games and Theatrics, no expert am I in Government and Policy; I simply am not a Politician. What I bring to The Table is my understanding of Life, Humanity, and The World. I know This Life to be a great Blessing but of little worth compared to the Next Life; I know Humanity to be of great Goodness but of also great Wickedness; I know This World to be infinitely Complex yet fundamentally Simple, to be of much Pitfalls and Perils yet of much Wonder and Beauty. I know this Earth to be of such Bounty that We may all Thrive and Prosper, I know We can restructure our Institutions and Economy so that We keep Human Suffering and Misery to a minimum, I know that We can adjust the manner in which We Coexist so that the overwhelming majority of people are Happy an overwhelming majority of the time.

Indeed, The World can be a Great and Beautiful Place, but first, individual Men and Women must become Great and Beautiful. We must make a habit of meaning well and doing Good; this is how We will Purify, Beautify, and Sanctify the Earth; this is how We will maximize Goodness and find Inner-Peace, Happiness, and Fulfillment. So much can We do without Government, from Feeding the Hungry, to Planting Trees, to bringing Joy to Children, to being of Service to the Elderly, to supporting small and local businesses and companies who do well by their employees and communities -so, so much, can we do without waiting for Government to act. But alas, I bring no Promises of what I can do for You or the Country, instead I shall present Opportunities for us to seize and be a Loyal, Faithful, and Sincere Friend. And so with Sincerity, let one who speaketh not Lies say this unto You: if I am elected to Congress, I will be a Champion of The Good, I will make your Health, Happiness, and Well-Being ​my business, and I will lead us down the path of ending hunger once and for all!!