-About Me-

​​My name is Iman-Utopia Layjou Bah and what I want most from life is to see the manifestation of a Global Utopian Kingdom. A utopia We define as a community in which conditions are optimal for individuals to pursue happiness, one in which all enjoy Liberty, Justice, Peace, and Prosperity. Besides this, raising a family of my own, and honoring my duty to my fellow man and My Lord and Creator, there is not much else for me in this life; I simply have little interest in the material and temporal.


I believe that by design, life here on this earth is hard, but that we have made it much harder than it needs to be by excessively competing with one another, prioritizing the material and temporal, and over-indulging in vainglory. I know that this earth can fully support all life herein, and that we can all thrive and prosper if we behave less selfishly and cooperate more.


I want everything I do in life to help elevate humanity and advance us closer to reaching our full potential. Indeed, perfection is beyond the reach of any human being, so it is so for society and the world as a whole. Howbeit, every individual has the potential to be very good, that is, happy, productive, kind, and positive, and society and the world may be so as well. With that said, I, myself, strive to be a very good human being and if We can get enough of our Brothers and Sisters to do the same, the world itself will be very good, a place that is beautiful, nourishing, and wonderful. Thank You for Visiting Our Site!!

Human Health, Happiness, and Wellbeing is Our Business!!