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-About Me-

Greetings!! I am someone who believes in people power more so than political power, and even more than I wish to win my race, I want to spread the message of real change and ultimate truth, and that is simply this: we will see true and genuine change only when we as a people change and determine to bring about change not by waiting for politicians to fulfill promises or for government to take action, but by sacrificing our time, energy, and resources for the sake of good and worthy causes, and in the name of the greater good. This and only this is the answer for real and lasting change, and this and only this will lead us to happy and fulfilling lives. The truth is a community -whether a city, state, or nation- can be said to be good only insofar as its people are good, and its people can be said to be good only insofar as they are willing to look beyond their personal interests and work towards the greater good.

​​I sit and ask myself, if just one out of every three of us became regular donors to our local food bank, would there still be any of us going to sleep hungry at night? If just ten percent of us from time to time volunteered our time to clean up our streets and neighborhoods, would not our cities be clean and beautiful through and through? If local organizations working to serve disadvantaged youth, forgotten veterans, and neglected senior citizens had the support they needed, would not our cities feel more whole and hopeful?? Indeed, there is much work to be done and progress to be had without engaging in ideological partisan debates and with that being said, should I be honored to serve on the county Board of Supervisors, my primary mission will be to use my platform as a means to encourage and facilitate volunteerism and community involvement, for there is no better way to uplift our cities nor our spirits.

Given the county's extensive reach and influence, it is indeed the ideal partner to galvanize the myriad of charitable works already ongoing, but still of course, there is the usual business of governing and it is my great hope that I can help ensure our parks and libraries continue to serve us well, that our health department and law enforcement officials are positioned to continue protecting our health, safety, and well being, and that Pima County remains an attractive and enticing place for business investment. I believe Pima County is already a great place to be, but I know things can be yet better, so we dream, strategize, and march onward.. 

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