-Serving You-

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​​My name is Iman-Utopia Layjou Bah and I wish to serve the men, women, and children of this country as well as my beautiful brothers and sisters here in Southern Arizona by representing Arizona's 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. I chose the more difficult path of running as an independent candidate because I want to be one of those rare few who actually succeed in bringing people together in the spirit of compromise and greater good; I do not wish to arrive on Capitol Hill and be looked upon with suspicion because I have a liberal or conservative agenda; I want to be my own man and serve the American people with fidelity and sincerity. 


I want everything I do to serve to increase the general health, happiness, and well-being of the public and my top priorities include ending hunger, sheltering the homeless, caring for this nation's veterans, increasing access to quality healthcare, protecting the environment, and providing for the needs of our senior citizens, our precious children, and the impoverished among us. What is important (and amazing) to note is that all of these priorities can be advanced by supporting charities who are already doing this noble and necessary work, and with that said, one of the ways I will serve this nation is by encouraging us all (myself included) to be more charitable and giving of our time, energy, and resources. What is more, I will bring about change and progress by proposing noncontroversial solutions to our shared challenges that both Democrats and Republicans can support. For example, I will propose a national effort relying on resources already available and volunteers across the country to plant fruit trees wherever possible, thereby increasing the supply of healthy foods, reducing the carbon in the atmosphere, beautifying neighborhoods, and increasing the spirit of service, cooperation, and community amongst our people.

Beyond any doubt, we can serve Southern Arizona and this nation well and do a whole lot of good if we make it to Congress and do so either by way of legislation or by making direct appeals to the American people, who have proven themselves to be strong and generous, to do what they can in the name of the greater good. But, however, we won't make it to Congress without your support. So, if you believe in the goodness we can do together and if you would like my voice to be among those in which we have in Washington, please help us out by donating or telling your friends and family about our campaign! Thank You for Visiting Our Site!!